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African University College of Communications

The African University College of Communications (AUCC) is a private tertiary institution dedicated mainly to the study of the media, communication and business.  AUCC is the premier university of communications in Ghana and was established in 2001 initially as the Africa Institute of Journalism and Communications.

The vision of AUCC is to become Africa's foremost centre for Journalism, Communication, Information Technology and Business Management studies, providing opportunities for advanced learning, and professional and practical application for the rapid growth and development of the continent of Africa.

The mission of AUCC is to provide creative leadership, delivering an enriched learning experience and promoting professional, cultural and economic development.

In 2013, the university’s business school was renamed the Sam E Jonah School of Business after the globally acclaimed business icon Sir Sam Jonah.

AUCC is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana and affiliated to the University of Ghana.

The ESEFA initiative is being coordinated by the S.E. Jonah School of Business.  Through this unique partnership and by offering Enterprise Systems (ES) courses which provide practical hands-on experience using SAP ERP systems, it aims to help students boost their employability.

The School, which was founded in 2010 boasts of a population of more than 450 students and offers a four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Business Administration with specialisations in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing.   The aim is to integrate the Enterprise Systems curriculum into all four specialisations, and to highlight the relevance of Enterprise Systems knowledge within the specific areas.

Study programmes and specialisations are uniquely structured to provide an education that produces industry-ready graduates and ready to become entrepreneurs. The School’s broad liberal arts programme as a foundation for the business programme reflects a belief that commerce and liberal arts disciplines complement each other and that together they produce well-rounded professionals.

Sir Sam Jonah summed it up well, “A typical graduate of the AUCC Jonah Business School must embody certain values. They must be entrepreneurial yet compassionate, ethical, with integrity, have a clear vision of what is best for the individual and also the general good, able to draw a balance between short–term decision making and long-term value, possess emotional intelligence, empathy, appropriate communication and presentation skills, respect for all, and a sense of community. They must be thought leaders who will shape society.”

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