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Strathmore University

Strathmore University (SU) situated in Nairobi is a leading not-for-profit private university dedicated to provide integral person-oriented quality education characterized by freedom & responsibility, excellence in teaching, research & scholarship, continuous improvement, high moral standards, ethical & social development, respect for others and service to Kenya, Africa and all mankind, in those ways for which we are well suited by virtue of our academic strengths and cultural heritage.

@iLabAfrica is a center of excellence in ICT focused on research, innovation, business incubation, training and ICT for development projects. @iLabAfrica collaborates with industry and other like-minded agencies to catalyse projects geared towards achieving UNDP Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Kenya’s Vision 2030. @iLabAfrica was set up in January 2011. Through strong partnerships @iLabAfrica has been able to contribute towards global development through research and innovation projects geared towards health, education, agriculture and capacity building.

@iLabAfrica will coordinate the ESEFA project in the University. The other departments involved in this project include the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) & School of Management and Commerce (SMC).

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ESEFA coordinators

Dr Joseph Sevilla:

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